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Weekly Photo Roundup: November 4 2017

November 4th, 2017 | Posted by in Photography

Every weekend I will post photos collected from various NCI graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.

This week Mt. Erie Elementary visited the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center for Mountain School. Next week is the last Mountain School session of 2017, so staff are enjoying every last moment. In the photo above, Naturalist Natascha revels in the first snowfall of the fall, and her last Mountain School group of the year.

Below are photos of kiddos watercoloring, courtesy of Cassie Durian.

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A Learning Center Halloween

November 2nd, 2012 | Posted by in Life at the Learning Center

We know how to have fun up here in the mountains. The multitude of creatively carved pumpkins sitting on the back porch of the Dining Hall are proof of it. I didn’t have big plans for Halloween this year. I usually eat popcorn, watch scary movies (by myself, which is always a bad idea), and end up laying in bed with the light on because I’m too scared to close my eyes. This year I decided to forego frightening myself out of a good night’s sleep. Here is what followed:


Hard at work carving pumpkins
Pumpkin carved by c12 graduate student Sahara Suval

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